As per population figures of 2011 Census Details is as follows.

  1. Paschim Champaran ranks 9th in terms of population (39,35,042) and 1st in terms of area (5,228 in the state of Bihar.
  2. In terms of population per Paschim Champaran is the 35th densely populated district in the state with 753 persons per as against the state’s 1,106.
  3. Paschim Champaran ranks 24th in terms of sex-ratio (909) against the state’s 918.
  4. Paschim Champaran ranks 8th in terms of child sex-ratio (953) against the state’s 935.
  5. There are 118 uninhabited villages (out of 1,483 total villages) in the district of Paschim Champaran.
  6. Literacy rate : 55.70 %

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