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Arms Act 1959        Arms Act 2016

NDAL (National Database of Arms Licenses)

                Regarding implementation of National Database of Arms Licenses

                                       ⇒ Important information for arms licenses of Bihar state.

                                  ⇒ Departmental Guidelines on Implementation of NDAL

                                  ⇒ Proceedings of the meeting organized on 11-06-2014 related to the implementation of NDAL.

                    Prescribed form for preparing online database of licenses

                                        Form – 1   For licensed licensed from the district.

                                  ⇒ Form – 2 The District’s O.D. Registered in the register.

                                  ⇒ Form – 3 For licensed licenses for Sporting Weapon.

                                  ⇒ Form – 4 For licensing licenses under the name of the institute.

Official Letters :- 

The date of appointment of physical verification of weapons of licensees located in the district.

Offline Forms Related to Arms Licenses

A-1               A-2                A-3                A-4                   Arms Rules